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LoveMindBodyHeart Life – the online community for living a blissful, bountiful + beautiful life.


join for joy from the comfort of your home!

access a library of happiness resources to make positive change in your life today.


OPENING 1st JANUARY 2015! Join the mailing list to stay informed.


Annual membership is $150 – amazingly affordable for a year’s worth of content designed to change your life.


lovemindbodyheart life is right for you if…

  • you are interested in yoga or meditation

  • you want to feel more connected + joyful

  • you want to make proactive change in your life to live more joyfully

  • you’re interested in getting more organised

  • you are looking for inspiration to create a blissful, bountiful + beautiful life and are looking for guidance and resources to point you in the right direction




what does the membership give you?

In the first year of your membership you will have access to the below plus additional resources released each month:

  • Introduction to Kundalini Yoga workbook + videos: This covers the background + philosophy to kundalini yoga, breathwork, sound + mantra, the chakras, the ten bodies + an introduction to yogic lifestyle. This workbook comes with 5 streamed kundalini yoga or meditation sets to practice at home as well as additional instructional/information videos.
  • Introduction to Kundalini Meditation workbook + videos: This is a complete resource for meditation including preparing for meditation + choosing the right meditation for you + keeping steady through your practice. It also includes an explanation of the three minds (positive, negative + neutral) to help you better harness your meditation practice. This comes with 1 streamed meditation video to practice at home.
  • “Keep up! Getting organised” workbook: a complete guide to managing your inboxes + paperwork, managing your projects, prioritising + worrying less about your work. This includes some instructional videos.
  • Streamed yoga + meditation classes: 6 new classes are released per year + you have access to the archive to watch older classes whenever you wish
  • 2015 Lifebook: This hand illustrated workbook will help you to create your blissful + joyful 2015. It covers all aspects of your life including home, work, spiritual, creative + money to help you plan + take actions for a bountiful 2015.


OPENING 1st JANUARY 2015! Join the mailing list to stay informed.


Why is the lovemindbodyheart life membership price so low? 
The $150 is an introductory price. You will be grandfathered in at the $150.00 price point when you renew your membership each year, even if prices increase in the future. If your membership lapses, however, you will be asked to pay whatever the current membership price is.

How long does my membership last?
Your membership lasts for twelve months. Your membership begins when you join and continues for 12 months. So for example, if you join on September 14th 2014, your membership expires + is up for renewal on September 14th 2015.

Who can join lovemindbodyheart life?
lovemindbodyheart life is open to anyone 18 + above. It is available to both men and women.

What is your refund policy?
Please note there are NO refunds for memberships since it involves instant access to all of the lovemindbodyheart life materials.