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Ladies – want to build your flexibility + strength? How about calming the mind? What if you could relax, re-charge + go within?

Kundalini yoga can take you from stressed to relaxed in one session.

Come + try a yoga taster class in Berkhamsted for just £5!

Wed 10th September 7pm-8.15pm, The Butterfly Club, Dar Papillon, Berkhamsted

kundalini yoga taster class berkhamsted

What will it do for me?

Here are 11 amazing benefits of kundalini yoga!

become more flexible + toned

♥ improve the health of your organs

♥ better digestion + elimination

♥ clear + focus your mind

♥ connect to your highest self

♥ be the best version of YOU, daily

♥ enhance your intuition

♥ build resilience for stressful times

♥ relax the body + mind

♥ manage emotions

♥ connect to  your spirit

If you are asking yourself is Kundalini yoga for me the answer is yes. Come and give it a try you’ll be hooked after the first class I was.” –  Christine {Monday night class}


Please note this is ladies only.


What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat + a blanket if you have one – I have a few that can be borrowed. Wear relaxed exercise clothes. Bring a bottle of water + an open mind! The centre is upstairs at Dar Papillon – 360-364 High Street Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 1HU


If you are really ready to experience something different + change your life – book now for just £5!



 Please note this is ladies only.