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Want to make those New Year’s resolutions stick this year? Looking for a way to gently make your dreams come true?

My 2015 workbook to make 2015 blissful, bountiful + beautiful is just the thing for you!


Welcome lovely one! I’m Raeeka picraeeka2

Over the last ten years I have been developing my workbook. It started one January when I truly wanted to effect change instead of making half-hearted wishes + never seeing them come to fruition. Over the course of that time I have tweaked, changed + improved the workbook for my own use. It has seen me through two degrees, my kundalini yoga teacher training + setting up my own successful business. It has helped lead me to rich friendships + a deep relationship with my partner. It has helped me to give more to others + also make time for myself.

I feel so blessed for the life that I live.


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I’m certain that none of these things would have happened if it wasn’t for my workbook. Then I had a lightbulb moment (!). I could share this workbook with other people + reach my dream of helping people change their lives + the world one little, joyful, gentle step at a time.



What results will you get from using my workbook?

Put in the work + you’ll get to experience:raeekaswing

An improved romantic relationship (or perhaps the start of one, if you want one – otherwise just more love for yourself! :])

Feeling more at home in your home

Make more time for creativity

Better health and fitness levels

Time for rest + relaxation

A social life you are excited about

The bliss of giving to others

Better relationships with your family

A healthier relationship with money

♥ More connection or spirituality, if that’s what you are looking for

♥ More focus at work

♥ Connection to a community of like-minded individuals


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How does it work?

The workbook is filled with spaces to reflect on each of these areas of focus. You are prompted with questions to help you reflect about each of them. From your answers we create actions + steps forward! areasoffocus rpvThis workbook helps you convert ideas into practical action with monthly + weekly action sheets . The key thing we often miss with new years resolutions is the focus to implement them every month every week, every day! This workbook gives you the framework to do exactly that + be successful reaching your dreams. You can either print it off and fill it out or use it as a prompt to write up your answers in your favourite word processing software, Evernote or even a specially selected journal to handwrite your reflections in.

We focus on REVIEWING 2014, VISUALISING 2015 + PLANNING 2015!


As a part of your purchase you’ll also be granted year long access to a private facebook group for accountability, sharing + support which will be in place for the entire year – starting from 1st January 2015.

I will provide videos + prompts to help you in your journey of reflecting + implementing your workbook throughout the year in this exclusive group.


Bundled in with this annual membership you also get my Let Kundalini Yoga Change Your Life e-workbook + online videos for FREE! Join the community 🙂

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Is this workbook for you?commitment

It is IF….

You WANT to lead a happier life

You WANT to take clear action each day + each week towards living the life of your dreams

You’re TIRED of new years resolutions fading away after the first few weeks

You WANT to look back at 2015 as your best year yet.




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What makes me qualified to offer this to you?raeeka

  • I run sold out yoga workshops for my business after strategizing and planning how to bring these to fruition
  • I run my own successful business as well as having a high level a full-time 40 hour a week job + STILL have time to enjoy myself
  • I qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance with distinction, top of my year. I KNOW about how to take steps to leading the life you want to lead
  • I changed my life direction from a very scientific engineering focus to one where I work with people + love it every day.
  • I’m following my dreams every day.
  • I am generally BLISSFUL, BOUNTIFUL + hopefully… BEAUTIFUL AT HEART :]
  • This workbook has worked successfully for me for the last ten years.

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Please note before your purchase

This workbook is DIGITAL and can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF only + printed out if you choose to do so. In order to make these materials as accessible and easily affordable as possible, I must make this a non-refundable purchase. So please understand that when you invest in yourself + living a BLISSFUL LIFE this year with this workbook, your purchase is final.