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the lovemindbodyheart manifesto


Hello dearest souls,

Welcome! I’m Raeeka. I’m a kundalini yoga + meditation teacher and lifestyle coach. I’m SO happy you are here, so we can share something wonderful.

I have a pretty wonderful life full of moments of deep joy + happiness. I would be honoured to help you create the same for yourself.

lovemindbodyheart is a sanctuary + learning space created  to help you reach your highest potential. I believe that if we nurture + challenge our minds, our bodies + our hearts, we can access our full capacity + live the lives we dream of.

To get started right away you’ll want to grab a copy of my kundalini yoga mini e-book containing a yoga set to help you see your inner beauty. This contains videos to help you prepare to practice the yoga set, as well as hand-drawn illustrations of the postures. Join the mailing list + let the magic begin!