Beloved. Dearheart. 

If it’s going to be this hard, how are we supposed to show up?

In a world of polycrises – with multiple genocides happening in parallel, impending climate collapse and bad actors everywhere – who are we going to be?

As a climate justice organiser and activist for a free Iran, as a parent trying to raise a child in a world on trajectory to be unliveable… I ask mysef this question every day. How will I resource myself? How will I keep up the flow of hope and love and fire –  to keep being a part of the wave of humanity struggling to hold us back from the cliff edge.

Beloved: words for the new way is a poetry book inviting us all to fall in love with collective care. It invites us, beloved, to be exquisite to each other.

These poems are an outstretched, welcoming hand to all those new to activism. They are a steadying respite and a soothing balm for seasoned organisers. 

It doesn’t matter when you realise that you needed to take action to make the world better. All that matters is that you are here, now, ready to fall in love with humanity. That you’re here now, ready to be moved to find your place in movement work. To do what you can, with your skills, to make the world that little bit better.


Beloved: Words for the new way

I’m Raeeka (they/she). I’m a poet, a parent and climate and social justice organiser. I write poetry that romances us into making consistent organising for a better world a part of our lives. An essential part of our humanity.

Print, digital and signed copies available

Choose from digital only, print and digitall or a signed copy!


  • Digital – £9
  • Physical and digital copy – £18
  • Signed physical copy and digital copy – £20


  • UK – £3.30
  • Europe  – £7
  • Rest of World – £11


Physical copies of preorders will posted in September 2024.


If you have been reading my words on social media and found them supportive – you can help make them reach even further by pre-ordering a physical and/or digital copy of the book. Buy one for yourself or a friend who needs to be inspired to start or continue their activism.

The book 

The book is a softcover novel sized book with around 80 pages of content and 50+ poems. Designed by my friend Will Rahman-Daultrey a queer climate activist who moonlights as a designer. 

Printed on recycled uncoated paper the book’s design was drawn from the poems inside. The internal pages will be grey scale to provide a softer reading experience.

“Raeeka's poetry really helps me with my activism.”

-Carice van Houten

"Raeeka's words make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I can't wait for this book!"

-Orsola de Castro

Raeeka Yassaie