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 Let kundalini yoga change your life 2

Want to be happier, more fulfilled + fitter?

 Want to  practice + exercise at home in your own time?

My introduction to kundalini yoga workbook + online yoga videos will be perfect for you.


Welcome lovely one! I’m Raeeka picraeeka2

I started my journey with yoga around ten years ago. I tried many forms of yoga until I found kundalini. Suddenly, I realised that kundalini yoga was the yoga for me. After being blessed with a teacher who spent time with  Yogi Bhajan (the master of Kundalini Yoga) + who had helped to set up the teacher training institute for kundalini yoga in the UK, I decided to embark on teacher training myself.

Since then I have been sharing the joy of kundalini yoga. You don’t have to be bendy. You just have to bring an open mind so I can help you to open your heart.

Shine your light.



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What results will you get?raeekaprayerpose

Put in the work + you’ll get to experience:

Better health and fitness levels

Feeling more rested + relaxed

The bliss of connection to your soul

♥ More connection or spirituality, if that’s what you are looking for

♥ An  understanding of the importance + power of the breath

♥ Connection to a community of like-minded individuals


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What will I learn?

The workbook covers key areas associated with kundalini yoga + provides you with 5 videos to practice with at home!


As a part of your purchase you’ll also be videowallgranted year long access to a private facebook group for accountability, sharing + support which will be in place for the entire year – starting from 1st January 2015.

I’ll help you along your journey with prompts + answers to questions. You can also support + motivate each other to practice more + share your experiences!


Bundled in with this annual membership you also get my Make 2015 Blissful, Bountiful + Beautiful workbook for FREE! Join the growing community 🙂

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Are these videos + workbook for you?ebook3


You WANT to lead a happier life

You WANT to get fit + healthy

You WANT a deeper connection


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 Please note before your purchase

This workbook is DIGITAL and can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF only + printed out if you choose to do so. The videos are available to stream online. In order to make these materials as accessible and easily affordable as possible, I must make this a non-refundable purchase. So please understand that when you invest in yourself with this lovely little product, your purchase is final.